OK, the name is pronounced cram-zee, it was my deceased brother Jeffs’ nickname.
Since 1991, we have been involved in multiple facets of the Security, Access Control, RFID and Parking Controls industries. We have developed and nurtured a strong customer service reputation with systems integrators all over No. America and are committed to providing that same service/solutions based approach towards earning your business. To better serve you, we are carrying inventory of all products listed as “In Stock”.

It’s all about Solutions and Service! 
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Hang Tags
Provide visual verification with marketing presence and RFID Technology

125 kHz Prox
26 bit Wiegand HID and AWID protocols

Custom graphics, logos and barcodes available

Transponder and Reader Engineered Systems, Inc. (TRES) is an RFID Development company that specializes in 900 MHz Passive Tag and Reader systems for Parking, Gate Control, Perimeter Security and Asset Management. Additionally, TRES, Inc. offers a 433 MHz Active Tag and Receiver system (with replaceable batteries) for Theft Prevention, Asset/Personnel Tracking and extra long range vehicle ID.

PIMS and PIMSalaCloud are now a single, unified offering!

Parking Intel and Management System Software that interfaces with Vehicle Count/Parking Guidance Systems - exports real time vehicle count and space availability data to a desktop workstation and/or network(s), as well as into the Cloud. PIMSalaCloud allows for viewing of the same data on ANY mobile device with no traffic or user volume limitations. PIMSalaCloud also includes a dynamic messaging board feature so user can post rate info, maintenance and closure notices or any information they want viewed from the cloud.
Additional Features of the desktop/network version:
Displays count data in multiple user interfaces, graphic formats and charts
Generate usage reports and facilitate proactive decision making.
Generate email alerts based on occupancy percentage
Adjust counts from the desktop
Interface with multiple sign manufacturers (listing available on request)

The Housing Company presents a line of injection molded non-metallic Housings and steel pedestals that will make your installations much more attractive, functional and virtually maintenance free. Our current customers are using these Housings and pedestals for mounting all types and sizes of card readers, intercom stations, keypads, phone entry panels and board cameras; as well as containment of control boards, relay modules and RF receivers. Because our Housings are made of injection molded Polycarbonate (UV stabilized), they will not impede the performance of RF devices, dent or fade and will never need painting. Our integrated hinge design eliminates the traditional weak point in other housings, while making installation easier with the remove and replace feature. Imagine finally having the capability to alter/customize a housing using standard hand tools, and never having to worry about sanding and painting a rusty housing! The gooseneck pedestals are available in powder coated steel, aluminum and stainless steel - multiple colors and sizes.

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PureTech Systems is an industry leader in Video Analytics technology that we have partnered with to offer a Camera Based, Video Analytics platform to provide highly accurate Vehicle Counting and “state of the art” Parking Guidance.

Bluetooth Multi Technology Readers

Make Existing Prox/AVI Systems Bluetooth Compatible

Proximity (125 kHz) - Smart Card (13.56 MHz) - Bluetooth

Virtual Credentials from the Cloud - Reusable

Adjustable Read Ranges - up to 30 feet

Credential Fulfillment is One Email Away!

LED Signage 
Parking  - Transportation - Rail Safety  Variable Messaging
Vehicle Access Deterrence Hydraulic Bollards 
Wrong Way Driver Alert Systems
Made in the USA
Product Sheet
Wireless Data Transmission - Wiegand and Serial (RS232, 422, 485)

900 MHz - FCC Part 15 - FHSS (Frequency Hopping, Spread Spectrum)

AES 256 bit Encryption

​No More Trenching -  Eliminate Expensive Wire Runs

Gated Entry - 1 and 2 gate Kits                               Sign Controls - MESH Network